Welcome to ChexAccounts.com, your one stop resource for ChexSystem Solutions. We have designed this website to be assistance to people caught up in the ChexSystem web. It’s not easy to get out of, especially if you have no framework or guidance, which is why we are here to help. Our goal is to provide you with workable solutions to your Chexsystem issue. Being locked out of the bank system makes it very difficult and expensive to function, but there are ways to deal with being listed in the ChexSystem database:

Some methods available to individuals areSecond Chance Checking What Second Chance Checking accounts are bank accounts offered by a handful of banks to give a second chance opportunity to individuals who have been reported to ChexSystems. In the majority of these cases, the checking accounts provide include similar benefits as regular checking accounts, with the main difference being that they charge a monthly fee as a insurance against the possible risk of bad checks being issues within your account.

If you are unable to qualify for a Second Chance Checking Account another route is finding a Non-ChexSystems Bank Not all banks and credit unions subscribe to the Chex System program as a result you may find a bank or credit union in your state that will open a checking account for you. While it maybe difficult to find a bank or credit union that doesn’t subscribe to their database, we have one of the most comprehensive Non-ChexSystem Bank lists on the web. If you find a bank within your state that is not part of the chex system then you’ll have a higher chance in opening a new checking account.

Another route is disputing your record with ChexSystems, perhaps the best option if you believe that there was an error on your ChexSystems report. By filing a proper dispute, you may be able to get your name removed from the ChexSystems database, without having to wait 5 years and have access to checking accounts offered by all banks.